Goodbye Vista, Hello Again Linux!

I’ve documented some of my previous problems with Vista on my new laptop in the past, but this past week at Agile took the cake. EVERYTHING crashed… chkdisk had to run for 2 hours, and I found myself annoyed with tons of “Host Services have stopped responding and been restared” along with some minor application crashes, IE funkiness (forms sometimes don’t submit, randomly crash, etc), a forced removal of Firefox (it suddenly quit working and crashed whenever I started it) and very erratic web connectivity. I couldn’t use my web browser as I was expecting to do for an open space discussion, and VMWare would not work for the “CI for the Web 2.0 G(uy|al)” session.

After enduring ridiculous slow downs (for example, eclipse taking 10 minutes to start up when I have 2 gigs of ram and dual core 2.4Ghz) and random screen blinking, I decided enough was enough. I downloaded Ubuntu to give the Live CD a spin, but iexplore was so messed up it kept failing while trying to copy the downloaded iso from the temp dir to the download dir, so I had to redownload on my desktop and burn it.

Anyway, it’s been absolute bliss. I took note of all the hardware on my sony vaio laptop as I was used to having to fiddle to get things work with linux in the past, but it wasn’t the case… EVERYTHING WORKED FLAWLESSLY! As soon as I booted I was able to use the integrated wireless card, putting memory cards into any of the various slots caused nautlus to launch right away to view the photos, bluetooth worked after apt-getting the application for it, and my integrated nvidia card also works flawlessly. Even more, the eye candy is better and everything seems to be running smoothly and much faster… even hibernate mode works. 😉

I suppose that XP will continue to live on my desktop for my windows needs, but my laptop without a doubt will continue on as a “Linux Laptop.” 😉

  • erik weibust

    Awesome! Glad to here you’re happy with Ubuntu on your laptop. I did the same thing about 4 months ago and couldn’t be happier.

    Vista sucks! The fully loaded Vista laptop I bought 4 months ago was slower then my 2 year old laptop I had that was running XP. However, now with Ubuntu the machine screams.