Netbeans is Now My Favorite Java IDE

Sorry eclipse, but it was bound to happen. I installed eclipse on my laptop awhile back and had been suffering somewhat harsh just trying to prevent it from running out of PermGen space (yep, read all the docs, and verified that I was giving it more memory through the about section… it saw my changes). It’s always been a fight just making the bloody thing work right (it’s fine on my desktop though) and have been basically forced to restart glassfish before each redeployment.. argh!!!!

So, I suffered again trying to make eclipse work right on my laptop and spent a good two hours in eclipse irc channels… although I received lots of help and pointers, sadly nothing resolved my issue. Finally, I decided to give netbeans a try and, thank God, I don’t have any issues yet… I’ve done my 300th deployment now and no memory warnings, no bumps. And even better, redeployments seem to go pretty smoothly and take a couple seconds to do.

And gotta love HTTP monitor. 😉

  • Sammy Larbi

    I remember it wasn’t that long ago when I said to myself, “since when did it become acceptable for a program to take up 500 MB of RAM?”

    That was Eclipse. In the end, it was what forced me to jump to 2GB of RAM on all my computers. I liked it because it had support for just about any language I wanted to use. But…

    Now, I use Jetbrains’ IDEA for Java and Ruby (and JRuby!), when I’m doing serious stuff (TextWrangler for one-offs in Ruby on the Mac), and Eclipse only for the ColdFusion plugin. Obviously, Visual Studio.NET for .NET stuff (although I’m just about to get Resharper for it too).

    It wasn’t all that long ago either someone asked me in an almost condescending tone, “why do you use Eclipse?” and pointed out that they (along with many others!) don’t pay for IDEA for nothing.

    Now I know why. =)

  • max

    sounds like you got bitten by the bug that made redo eclipse 3.3.1 and released just recently.


  • Adam Bien


    I do not have any memory issues with Eclipse, but really big projects and the “plugin” hell. I enjoy working with netbeans – it comes with everything what is neeeded -> it’s much easier to share projects then.
    There are of course some significant killer features like: GUI Builder, Java EE 5 support, UML support and developer’s collaboration. However I even enjoy netbean’s editor more and more. So we, java developers, are really in the good situation to choose between several superb IDEs.

    I prefer netbeans over eclipse but it is really hard to say why :-). Perhaps it’s just the fact, that in netbeans world happens a lot now – in eclipse world (except mylyn) there are no more significant improvements (e.g. between 3.2, and 3.3).
    I cannot wait for Netbeans 6.0 final :-).

  • joshua mckinney

    G’day James, whilst I enjoy your content it is painful to read via an rss reader due to having to click through to your site just to read it. Would it be possible for you to provide a full text rss feed. Also the feed links at the end of each post / the sidebar subscribe link are pointing to the wrong url.

  • Chris Sage

    It’s funny…I’ve just started using NetBeans (beta 6.0) again a few months ago at home, and I have to say that it’s now my favorite as well. For instance, the GUI builder is just amazingly easy.

    I just wish I could figure out how to filter out my SVN folders and such like eclipse does. 😛