I enjoy programming in my free time and spend a considerable amount of time hacking away at open source projects as well as implementing those projects for various clients. My recent interests have included messaging (RabbitMQ specifically), Node.js, NoSQL, and alternative JVM languages such as Scala. You can also occasionally find me at several conferences speaking on some of my passions as well.

Of course, got to balance all of this out with my wonderful baby girl, beautiful wife and newborn son!

Zaps I Use

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  • http://www.javacodegeeks.com Fabrizio

    Hi James,

    Awesome blog, keep up the good job. Is there an email address I can contact you in private?


  • mpron

    Hey James,

    Would you be interested in having some of your content featured on DZone.com and Javalobby? Shoot me an email and I’ll explain more of the details.

    Mitch P.

  • joseph

    james can you help with our multi auction lsiting form customers using niode.js,mysql and ampq