TDD Javascript With JsUnit

Evaluating this framework brings back memories… the year was 2005, I had been working for a small IT firm as one of the first developers hired, which as of 2005 included three developers. I had zero process in place and had never had any experience elsewhere as this was my first job. Somehow, from reading Royce’s Software Project Management to a book on RUP to a book on Scrum, I finally found my way to Extreme Programming and was trying my best to implement it. I had just picked up unit testing and was using SimpleTest (after trying PHPUnit out and deciding I liked SimpleTest better) and felt that I should be Test Driving all code, javascript included. So I joined #javascript on efnet and asked “Hey, what should I use? I’ve been trying jsUnit out…”

The reply I got was that I should stop using jsUnit from and start using the one on instead as it was a more faithful port of JUnit, was more Object Oriented, and it was possible to run the tests from Rhino (which led me to asking what rhino is, and then a 2 hour longer conversation ensued).

Anyway, jsunit is just that… it’s a faithful port of JUnit 3.8.1 and is designed in a more object oriented way than it’s counterpart. In fact, the syntax looks similar to the current built in test runner in js-test-driver. With that out of the way, let’s take a quick look at the dirty details.

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Javascript Test Driven Development With YUI Test

Tonight I’ve decided to bounce back and try out another testing framework that’s been on my list for awhile, YUI Test. From the site:

YUI Test is a testing framework for browser-based JavaScript solutions. Using YUI Test, you can easily add unit testing to your JavaScript solutions. While not a direct port from any specific xUnit framework, YUI Test does derive some characteristics from nUnit and JUnit.

Fair enough… lets look at the dirty details and then get started.

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Testdriving Javascript With jqUnit

Whew… looks like my “Week of javascript TDD frameworks will really turn into a month of ’em. Fine by me though, I like options. For a bit of randomness, I’m going to try out jqUnit. jqUnit is a TDD framework that takes quite a different approach… it is structured much like jquery is and tests are laid out in a jquery kind of way. Although it depends on jquery to run, your SUT does not have to have jquery as a dependency. Anyhow, let’s take a quick dive into the dirty details and then get started. 🙂

The Dirty Details

Basically another xUnit framework, but the syntax is radically different from any framework I’ve seen, xUnit or BDD. instead of your usual “assertXXXX” or spec syntaxes, it simply uses yep and okay . Most importantly, this is the framework used by jQuery to test itself.

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A Blast from the Past: Test Driven Development with JsUnit

Just got back from a day at Six Flags… everyone else is sound asleep while I’m still filled with energy (like Superman, I get energized by a day in the sun) and don’t have anything better to do so I’ve decided to continue the javascript testing series with a blast from the past. As I began to type I realized that I kind of started this series out backwards… my original intent was to showcase the javascript testing frameworks most had heard of and then work my way from unit testing frameworks to BDD frameworks. However, since I started learning BDD in javascript fairly recently, I found it better to tackle those as I was learning them. But tonight I’m going to go back to my roots and explore the first javascript testing framework I ever used (and arguably one of the first on the scene), jsUnit.
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Yet Another Day of Test Driven Javascript: Screw.Unit

First let me apologize for the delay in my posting. My intention was to post about a javascript testing framework each day, but the last couple of days I got a little stuck trying to get inspec to run.That coupled with the other things in life that compress my time I was just unable to make any progress! I finally decided to give up on inspec as it’s kind of specific to a certain domain (ServerJS) while my experiments have been rooted in the test driving of client side behavior. So, to move on, I’m going to do todays example using Screw.Unit!
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Test Driven Javascript: Using JSSpec

For the first installment of my Week of TDD and BDD Javascript Frameworks I’m going to cover JSSpec. First I’ll cover some of the specifics and then jump straight into a demo of using it.

The Dirty Details

JSSpec, as the name implies, is a Behavior Driven Development framework based on the popular rspec ruby framework… as such it borrows heavily from rspec’s structure and functionality, using a function named “describe” to start a spec and values are evaluated by passing them to a function named value_of which returns an object containing methods for performing assertions on the value. For example:


Now for the other details:
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